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over 50 years of experience wood you believe it!

With a clear vision in mind, Top Truss embarked on a journey to redefine the industry. Founded by a team of friendly experts, our roof truss company brings together years of experience and a deep understanding of structural engineering.

Our made-to-measure roof trusses can cater for any project, large or small. Throughout our journey of growth, our dedication to first-class service and the highest quality products has been the driving force behind our expanding clientele across the Midlands.

why choose us?

At Top Truss, we've got the 'support' you need to 'brace' yourself for success!

With our extensive expertise in the truss industry, we are equipped to deliver top-notch structural architecture that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

attention to detail

Right down to the finer details, you can expect excellence in everything that we do. Top Truss is renowned for exceeding expectations and operating with critical attention to detail throughout roof truss design, supply and installation.

local experts

Providing roof truss services across Worcestershire and surrounding areas, we have 'built' an astounding reputation across the Region. Our clients are the foundation of our business, your satisfaction is our priority.

years of experience

With many years of experience in the construction industry, our workmanship and commitment to any project is unmatched. Popular amongst local builders and contractors, we can truly take your services to new heights.


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September 19, 2023

Understanding Trusses: The Types And Applications

Trusses are an integral component of modern construction, offering structural stability and support.
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